Easy Turkey Empanadas


These little meat pies are super quick and easy to make, and my kids (and myself!) gobbled them up in no time.  Plus they were great reheated for lunch the next day. I've made these with both puff pastry and phyllo pastry, and both are good.  I would imagine the filling would be delicious with homemade pastry as well, but then they wouldn't be nearly as quick to make!  I am going to try it with homemade pastry at some point though because I think those would be really amazing. For today ... read more

Whole Wheat Cream Biscuits


My family loves biscuits.  They're a treat that I make for supper whenever I need something that's fairly quick to make to go with our meal.  I would actually make them more often if it wasn't for the fact that I definitely eat too many of them every time I make them, and they're not exactly the healthiest of foods! I generally make a regular baking powder biscuit, which I will definitely have to post next time I make them, but I found this recipe for cream biscuits the other day when I just ... read more

Mini Vanilla Scones

Mini Vanilla Scones

My daughter's last day of school was yesterday.  Does anyone else spend weeks trying to come up with the perfect teacher gift, and then stress than they won't like it anyways?  No, just me?  Oh well.  I need to be less neurotic about silly things like this.  I really don't like just giving gift cards because it seems so impersonal, although I have certainly resorted to it on occasion, and I know they're appreciated.  But my need to make things from scratch certainly translates into teacher ... read more

Grilled Peach and Avocado Salsa

Grilled peach and avocado salsa

So this salsa?  Amazing.  Homemade salsa generally is though, so much better than the store bought kind.  It's one of those things that I really need to make more often.  I had some peaches and avocados, and decided that they needed to go together into some kind of salsa for supper last night.  And it was a good idea. I had actually tried a version of this a few days ago, when the urge to throw peaches and avocado together first struck me.  And then I decided I should grill everything, ... read more

Coconut Granola (aka My Favourite Granola Recipe)


This is my all-time favourite granola recipe.  So much so that I felt the need to post it even though I posted a different granola recipe a couple of weeks ago.  I have tried a multitude of granola recipes trying to find one that is sweet, but not too sweet, easy to change up for different flavours and what I have on hand, and of course, absolutely delicious. This one fits the bill.  I found it on Mel's Kitchen Cafe, no surprise there.  It is after all my go-to source for recipes.  Maybe I ... read more