No Churn Neapolitan Ice Cream

No Churn Neapolitan Ice Cream - Easy, no churn Neapolitan ice cream - made with sweetened condensed milk, this mix of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream is perfectly creamy! #sponsored

So I’m all about the frozen desserts this week.  It’s because I’m on vacation and solidly into summer mode right now.  Hanging out at the beach with the kids just makes you want ice cream, right?  One of those perfect summer treats.

Although, I’ll be honest, I could eat ice cream any time of the year.  It is definitely a bit more enjoyable on a hot summer day though.  Especially no churn neapolitan ice cream.

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Mocha Fudgsicles - Homemade mocha fudgsicles that are quick and easy to make and are the perfect dessert. Creamy, chocolate-y, fudgy, mocha flavoured fudgsicles.

Mocha Fudgsicles

I can't even believe that I haven't shared any kind of cold, frozen, summery treat yet.  That's just plain wrong.  We are way too far into summer to not have any kind of ice creamy goodness on here yet! I'll make up for it with these mocha fudgsicles though.  So good. Fudgsicles were always my ... read more