Chocolate Cherry Granola

Granola is probably my favourite breakfast.  It’s pretty much the perfect breakfast.  Plain Greek yogurt, a bunch of fresh berries, and a big scoop of granola is just the best way to start the day.  Filling and oh so tasty.  Which is probably obvious as this blog is not even 3 months old, and I already have 3 granola recipes posted.  With plans for more.   So many combinations, so little time.

Now some of you may argue that chocolate cherry granola does not a breakfast food make.  But I beg to differ.  Even with the chocolate, this is still healthier than store bought granola.  There’s not a ton of sugar or oil in it, especially if you compare it with pre-made granola.  There IS chocolate though, so if you don’t do chocolate for breakfast, make this for a snack.  It’s awesome.  Hands down the best granola I’ve ever made.  I will be making this again, but I need to make something different first, because even I can’t have chocolate for breakfast every day.  That just seems wrong.  But oh, would it be delicious!Chocolate Cherry Granola

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